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Soft Style T-Shirts
Eye on the Industry
Written by Webmaster   
Thursday, 18 September 2014 00:00
SoftStyle T-Shirts

Soft style t-shirts have definitely been trending recently. While we haven't been overwhelmed with requests for these in our athletic realms, if you look around you'll notice the majority of graphic tees found in stores are constructed of this lightweight ringspun cotton.

I, in fact, own several, and, recently, when brainstorming t-shirts for a group I'm in, the overwhelming response was "Yes! We have to use soft style!" Another one of our designers here recently used them for a personal project and mentioned that he wished he had used them for the entire order instead of only a portion of it.

That said, if you're running an event and looking for novelty type t-shirts, why not try something new? It's generally a good idea to mix things up a bit and offer an item you haven't had in the past. Soft style t-shirts could also be a good replacement for group shirts—everyone collects t-shirts from their over involvement everywhere they go. Give them incentive to wear their shirt somewhere other than the gym—if you're trying to raise awareness, it's a great way to keep your message going. Also, it's always a great feeling to see everyone excited about a project you directed!

Cotton: North America's White Gold
Eye on the Industry
Written by Sherrie Rohde   
Wednesday, 16 February 2011 09:58


If you haven't noticed price increases everywhere around you, then you've probably been living under a rock—or playing your Xbox a bit too much. Just yesterday, the New York Times released an article regarding commodity cost jumps in nearly every industry. Companies, us included, have worked hard to absorb these increases without increasing retail costs during a recession, but the cost pressures are increasing. Large brand names such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Hanes Brands and the Jones Group are all reluctantly raising prices this year due to unavoidable costs. As this effects a large part of what we do here at Minerva, I’ve been following this topic for a while now, reading several news articles and blogs.

Booming, Inc. claims, "Cotton has officially earned its nickname as North America's 'white gold'." This isn't surprising. Think about it. How many t-shirts do you own from various activities you've been involved in? It took me my entire college career to wear out my t-shirt collection from high school and four years later I’m still wearing my college tees to the gym. We sometimes go crazy over t-shirts, and they're only a fraction of our total cotton use.

Unfortunately, if you reflect over the past decade, cotton prices are nearly at their peak. While the original cause is likely related to severe weather conditions in both China and Pakistan, the world's two large cotton producing countries, other factors include increased demand and increased labor costs. The Wall Street Journal labels Chinese hoarders as one of the biggest concerns. Several Chinese farmers began to stockpile cotton on their homes, some as much as 7,700 pounds, hoping for an even larger return down the road. Terry Townsened, executive director of the International Cotton Advisory Committee, notes that it's difficult to even know exactly what the situation is as several large players in the cotton industry do not publish data on their stock which leads to an endless source of rumors and speculation.

On a more positive note, this fabric of our lives is anticipated by some to stabilize around September of this year. Either way, we want to let you know that we're doing all we can to give you the best competitive edge and keep your costs low. Bear with us!

Season Ticket T-Shirts
Eye on the Industry
Written by Sherrie Rohde   
Wednesday, 11 August 2010 14:47

Season Ticket T-Shirt Hey booster clubs—we know you rock your school's socks off with fundraising through spirit wear and concessions but in order for those to really add up you need your bleachers full! How do you help raise attendance at school athletic events? Simple. Try using season ticket t-shirts.


Season ticket t-shirts are a newer trend that we've seen start to pick up in local area schools. It's quite simple, really. Design a spirit wear t-shirt exclusive to your season ticket holders and build into the cost of the shirt what you'd like to raise per attendee. Obviously you're going to want to lower it enough for it to be enticing but still high enough to fund your teams. Not only does this help raise attendance, but it also puts even more of your fans in school colors as they'll need to wear their shirt to get in!


Details to use season ticket t-shirts vary depending on the school. Some schools only allow students to purchase the shirts, similar to student pricing on tickets. You may want to offer a season ticket t-shirt for non-students as well. Another idea we've seen take place is to let your season ticket t-shirt holders know that occasionally, as a thank you to their dedication and support, they will also have opportunities for free pizza or prizes. Be creative and get your fans in the game!


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